Patent rolled double bridle

£122.95 GBP

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This is a stunning comfort rolled double bridle comes with stunning patent Noseband which has a cavesson buckle with silver fittings.

Curved browband with jet crystals in a bezel chain. 

Patent, raised padded noseband 4cm in width. Crank fitting with softly padded crank pad. 

Headpiece is padded slightly cut back behind the ears. 

Stainless steel fittings with billet hook on the cheek pieces. 
Comes with reins. One set inside grip leather with notches and second pair plain curb reins. 

Headpiece over the poll shortest hole to shortest hole and longest hole to longest hole Full: 40.5cm-60.5cm Cob: 38.5cm - 54.5cm

Cheek piece length not including the buckle and is measured with the billet closed Full: 27cm Cob: 22cm

Noseband measurement at the front between the two cheek piece straps full: 34.5cm Cob: 30.5cm

Noseband total length around the nose, tightest hole to loosest hole Full: 62-66cm Cob: 56-60cm

throatlash full: 58cm, cob:53.5cm