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BR rolled plain leather crank noseband with flash

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Bridle Size
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This extra wide (± 5 cm) crank flash noseband with soft padding is round raised and has a wide chin pad with soft padding. The straps are made of rolled leather. It has a V-shaped flash attachment and the buckle of the flash attachment has an extra protection flap.

Suitable for bridles featuring a noseband with straps that can be attached to the headpiece by means of a buckle, like the symmetric BR bridles. With shiny, silver-coloured fittings.


Measurements taken between the two cheekpiece straps at the front: Cob: 30.5cm Full: 34.5cm

Measurements of total length of noseband taken when on the tightest hole and on the loosest hole. These measurements will vary when on the horse as the padding on these nosebands is fairly thick, Cob:56cm-60cm Full: 62cm-66cm