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Tiffany purple fade megabling curve browband

£100.00 GBP

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6mm fading purples - heliotrope- purple velvet- tanzanite- violet- light vitral and back in preciosa crystal, 3mm clear and 3mm iridescent in silver cup chain.

Loops 1.5", English sedgwick leather and Swarovski crystals. Smooth english leather backing for easy clean. Browband comes in a Tiffany cup chain which has 8 prongs surrounding the crystals, meaning it's impossible for the crystals to fall out.

Also comes with a fleece browband cover to protect the browband whilst on the bridle.

We offer 1 year guarantee on all of our products with free repairs.

On our Swarovski browbands, the crystals are hand placed in the chain. Please allow 7-14 working days for your order to ship.